Hier soir, Apple a mis à disposition de ses développeurs la dernières bêta de son système iOs 5 pour iPhone/iPad/iPod
Comme toujours de nombreux bugs sont corrigés et ils ajoutent une fonction encore non activée à ce jour: la gestuelle avancée

Et voici une vidéo de démonstration de cette petite nouveauté:

Voici quelques changements dans la langue de Shakespeare:

• Most people are reporting that iOS 5 Beta 3 is faster and less buggy.

• New ringtone listings for the iPhone: Tweet and Sherwood Forrest. These aren’t functional right now.

• Bug?: It looks like you can’t change your ringtone to anything. Even if you switch it to the new ones or old ones, the default ringtone is all that plays when you get a call.

• Fixes for AirPlay mirroring, where the AppleTV’s screensaver would cause performance to degrade.

• Fixed an issue where the Reminders application did not send notifications upon the entry or exit of a location if there is no specific date associated with the location-based reminder.

• iMessage is not compatible in Beta 3 with iMessage from Beta 1, but it is compatible with Beta 2.

• Big speed improvement loading up Camera.app on our test iPhone 4.

• Reminders.app got a new icon…

• New Location Services screen at start-up more clearly describes the setting for users at first boot: “Location Services uses GPS along with crowd-sourced Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower locations to determine your approximate location.”

• FaceTime may still be broken, as the FaceTime icon is still missing from Settings. Update: FaceTime isn’t working on our iPhone 4, but it’s there on our iPad 2. Weird. Update 2: Duh. You FaceTime from the Address Book on the iPhone 4. False alarm. FaceTime does still seem to be disabled in iOS 5, though. .

• iPhone 3GS now gets opening logo animation. — Thanks, Thad!

• On-phone setup sequence is more polished with more sections and animations. — Thanks, Thad!

• We’re hearing reports that you can now set custom text tones, and they work!

• New Location Services menu in Settings. [via MacStories.

• We’re hearing reports that iTunes Sync is a lot more reliable now with iOS 5 Beta 3 and iTunes 10.5 Beta 3. Lots less syncing errors.

• Bug: Reader Alex reports that iOS 5 Beta 3 thinks his white iPad 2 is a black one.

• Software Update now shows what version you have installed.

• There’s now an option under General Settings for “iTunes W-Fi Sync” which is an entry name change.

• Voice Roaming can now be turned on and off!

• Clear Cookies and Data has been added back in Safari settings. There’s also a new Advanced menu.

• Music.app now has a “Store” button for shopping in the iTunes Store.

• You can create a new Mailbox directly from the Mailbox app by tapping the “New Mailbox” button.

• New Assistive Touch on iPad feature allows you to pop up a menu on any page allowing you to emulate functions like shaking, rotating, etc. More info here.

(Source: CultOfMac)

Donc si vous avez envie de tester et que vous avez gagné un UDID développeur, n’hésitez pas à me donner votre avis sur la nouvelle Bêta 😉

Liens de téléchargement d’iTunes et iOs 5 Bêta 3